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AC 262
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AC-262 traditionally works by binding to androgen receptors found in bones and muscles, particularly skeletal muscles.

Best Studies

Pharmacological characterization of AC-262536, a novel selective androgen receptor modulator.
Equine metabolism of the selective androgen receptor modulator AC-262536 in urine, plasma and hair following in vitro and oral administration.

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Increases bone density/strength, increases muscle mass, fat loss, cognitive development

Have you ever wondered how the bodybuilders you see in the gym get such big muscles in such a short time?

Now, if you think that all this can be achieved with intense daily fitness sessions and lifestyle changes, you are probably wrong!

Most bodybuilders supplement with compounds such as steroids and SARMs alongside their strict exercise routines. These compounds help make the process faster and more efficient.

One of such newly developed SARMs that is making waves in the bodybuilding industry is AC-262.

Today we’re going to review all and everything about AC-262, its full mechanism of action, benefits and side effects, and accurate dosage and cycle guidelines.

What is AC-262?
AC-262, a non-steroidal Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator (SARM) like Ostraine, is used by most bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts (1).

To be clear about SARMs, they are anabolic regulators that can bind to our body’s androgen receptors. SARMs help reduce excess subcutaneous fat as well as increase muscle mass, strength and exercise endurance.

Originally AC-262 was originally developed by Acadia Industries as a potential treatment for prostate cancer and Alzheimer’s.

However, what sets AC-262 apart from other SARMs is its ability to leave testosterone levels unsuppressed. An animal study concluded that AC-262 significantly increased anabolic functions without suppressing natural testosterone production for about two weeks.

How Does AC-262 Work?
The AC-262 works more or less the same as any other SARM. Like selective modulators, they bind to certain androgen receptors in our body, specifically bones and muscles.

This special binding causes molecular changes in our body, triggering an increase in muscle mass and bone strengthening.

But AC-262 is not like any other SARM. Unlike other androgens/testosterone or anabolic steroids that target all body tissues, AC-262 only acts on skeletal muscles.

This is exactly how the androgenic activity of AC-262 is kept low. To support this, the pharmacokinetics of AC-262 suggest that it is about 27% of testosterone.

AC-262 is a powerful alternative, as SARMs with higher androgen activity can lead to conditions such as gynecomastia or obesity (2).

Benefits of AC-262
What draws the viewer to any product or supplement is the benefits it restricts, especially the potential health effects involved. In the case of AC-262, the advantages outweigh the minor side effects experienced by the person.

A non-steroidal SARM, AC-262 helps increase bone density and strength by helping to lift more weight (3).

Besides that, like any other SARM, AC-262 helps increase muscle mass, definition and strength.

Some evidence also suggests that this SARM may improve cognitive function and fast recovery time.

Studies show that increased muscle mass leads to excessive subcutaneous fat loss. They believe that a pound gain helps burn 150 calories a day. So the AC-262 can help lose some of the extra mass.

Interestingly, a mouse study showed suppression at elevated LH levels. If LH is produced in large quantities, it can cause fertility problems in both men and women.

Who Should Use the AC-262?
AC-262 is widely used among people in the fitness and bodybuilding industries . So if you’re looking for a compound that can help you start your journey of building healthy muscle mass and stamina, AC-262 is for you!

The drug is also a new therapy for patients with prostate cancer and Alzheimer’s. However, AC-262 cannot yet be used as a treatment, as extensive research is required to uncover possible side effects.

AC-262 forms
AC-262 is mostly purchased in capsule form because of its applicability. But you can also find it in powder form in some stores.

AC-262 Dose
The dosage for a particular SARM largely depends on the purpose of using it, gender, weight, and previous medical history. However, for general use, healthcare professionals have provided complete guidance on how to use a particular drug without significant risk of side effects.

In the case of AC-262, 10 mg to 20 mg is recommended for men. The recommended intake for women is between 5 mg and 10 mg.

AC-262 Cycle
It is recommended that you do the AC-262 cycle for about 30 days to see efficient results.

Despite this, AC-262 does not significantly suppress Testosterone levels using PCT. However, a full Post Cycle Therapy should be done to be on the safe side.

Best Time to Buy AC-262
As with any other SARM, AC-262 is recommended to be taken in the morning, preferably before a workout. That way, the drug will have enough time to activate your body and make you energized before you start your exercise regimen.

AC-262 Side Effects
There are almost always certain side effects associated with SARMs. These side effects are primarily due to non-compliance with the doses and cures given. As a result, some of the reported side effects you may experience include:

Fatigue and fatigue
raised blood pressure
skin rashes
However, the likelihood that AC-262 supplementation will develop gynecomastia , prostate enlargement, and even testicular shrinkage compared to other SARMs is negligible.


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